The Edgewater Condos For Sale

Situated at the intersection of West Lake Street and East Calhoun Parkway is the unique condos dubbed The Edgewater. Living areas in this upscale living complex are priced for the discerning homebuyer who wants the best from their living area. The Edgewater features the pinnacle of design combined with a convenient location in the heart of Minneapolis surrounded by beautiful landscaping, natural beauty and the excitement of a vibrant nightlife all in one condo.

If you have questions about The Edgewater Condos please let us know. We have information on non-listed units.

For more info:

The Edgewater Condos | Realtor
1805 Lake Street W Minneapolis,MN 55408
To view properties call 612-568-2333
The Edgewater Condos Association
phone number 952-922-5575